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Fluxus Engineering started in 2016 with the intention of providing technical services for fluid system analysis, turbomachinery evaluation and some component design. It took detour on the process, becoming a turbomachinery and Computer-Aided-Engineering (CAE) software specialist responsible for technical sales, training and support of third party programs for Original Equipment Manufacturers in South America (and eventually also North America and Europe).

Fluxus Eng. then became this entity to display current personal projects, interests and past experiences.

The initial spark to keep finding new challenges is still very much alive!

About: About


Hello, my name is Thiago Ebel and I am a mechanical engineer with background and experience in 1D and 3D CAE tools as well as their coupling, thermodynamics cycle studies and turbomachinery modeling for wide range of applications.

I am very passionate about energy, propulsion and turbomachines in general. Other than that, I am an amateur musician, surfer, writer and, recently, triathlete.

Always excited to collaborate in new projects, design reviews, technical assistance and others !

Current position

Lead Turbomachinery Research Engineer

@ Dyson
📍Malmesbury, UK

Previous position

Applications Engineer Team Lead / Product Manager, Cycle Code

@ Concepts NREC

📍 White River Junction, VT (USA)

Technical background

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
@ Santa Catarina Federal University

📍Florianopolis - SC, Brazil

Exchange program - Mechanical Engineering
@ Curtin University

📍Perth - WA, Australia


2016 Don Miller Award for Thermo-Fluid Design Excellence, First Runner Up

@ Mechanical Analysis - Mentor Graphics

About: About Me
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