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E2W - Episode 06 - Internal Combustion Engines, Turbochargers and CAE

This week's episode (posted yesterday) is about turbochargers, internal combustion engines and the CAE tools to model them !

Basically it is an informal conversation between myself (Thiago), Mark Anderson (from Concepts NREC), Mathias Perchanok and Parth Pandya (both from Ricardo Software) about the paper we wrote together and have been accepted to the Turbo Expo 2021 (from ASME (The American Society of Mechanical Engineers)

I am super happy not only to have done this work but to be able to combine the power of such two heavy weights: the turbomachinery meanline tools from Concepts NREC with the engine simulation tools of Ricardo Software !

Thanks Mark, Parth, Mathias, Nick, Steve. Without forgetting the support from Peter and Stephen (and back when the conversation started with Martin and Petr as well).

Soon enough the Turbo Expo presentation as well will be available and I intend to share that as well.

Entropy to Work, every Tuesday on your streaming platforms !

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