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E2W - Episode 07 - Gas Turbines, Helicopter Engines and Secondary Air Systems - Guest: Erinç Erdem

Today we are talking about gas turbines, one of my favorite engineering topics. There is just so much going on in an gas turbine that is hard even to start.

Gas Turbines are a general term used to define thermal machines used to genera thrust and or power from a combustion reaction. Usually this machines follow the idealized Brayton thermodynamics gas cycle, which means: Compression-Heat gain with constant pressure (from the combustion) - Turbine expansion (generating the power to drive the turbine and sometimes also a shaft)-heat loss with constant pressure.

Of course the real cycle the turbomachines are not isentropic, the cycle usually is open (so the final heat exchange doesn't happen)… There are many different variables depending on the application; but the main layouts that we talked during the podcast are turbojet (mainly generating just thrust, so compressor, combustion chamber, turbine that drives the compressor) and the gas turbines that also generate shaft power (turboshaft) in which the shaft can be driving directly or indirectly - with a gear box) a propeller (turbofan and turboprop). For this latter ones we talk about the by-pass ratio - how much of the inlet air (going through the fan) is going in or around the gas turbine in the center.

And these are only the "main" flow path considerations. Making sure this things have the appropriate fuel being delivered, they have appropriate lubrication, sealing is usually the work of the Secondary Flow systems; something that today's guest is a specialist !

Again, gas turbines are fascinating and a lifelong subject - that's why this episode ended up longer than usual.

Today I am speaking with Erinç Erdem, he holds a PhD from the University of Manchester and he is currently the a Senior Engineer - Thermal Systems Design / Compressor Aerodynamics & Testing at TEI. TEI (Tusas Engine Industry) was founded in 1985 as a joint venture between GE Aviation and Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, and the Turkish Aeronautical Association.

I met him some years ago when he was the Compressor test rig owner for the helicopter engine TS1400. We talked about this engine that have been just officially released in December 2020 Erinç is also currently Honorary Research Associate The University of Glasgow, and we talked a bit about his interesting career going back and forth with Academia in a very practical/hands-on way, life in turkey and other subjects. Hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did !

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