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E2W - Episode 08 - Nuclear energy, Chernobyl and future prospects - Guest: Frank Di Bella

We just came from a hiatus of 2 weeks without episodes - I am sorry ! I am trying to keep weekly episodes but sometimes coordinating the guests' schedules, uploading and editing the episodes can be tricky.

Also the website was being updated, so I had to to put some work here (past episodes, etc). As I have said before, I am learning on the go here and always there is a little bit more improvement that could be done.

I am really excited for this episode actually - we are talking about Nuclear Energy. Not only it is being a while that I wanted to cover this subject but also last week, April 26, it was the 35th anniversary of the Chernobyl incident - so I thought it was good timing not only for the past but for the future prospects. For example in a month's time it will happen the G7 summit here in the UK.

From the G7 website:

"Prime Minister Boris Johnson will use the UK’s G7 Presidency to unite leading democracies to help the world fight, and then build back better from coronavirus and create a greener, more prosperous future."

In this episode we have again Mr Frank Di Bella - semi-retired mechanical engineer and senior lecturer at the university of Boston! He was the guest in the first episode of the podcast, quite successfully I must add, and I thought he would be a great person to discuss some of the dilemmas and questions about nuclear energy.

In this episode we talk about why nuclear energy and what is it, why it is important to the general public to understand how silly assumptions that "Renewables" are necessarily good and Nuclear is necessarily bad and we go through in some details about what happened in the accidents of Chernobyl and Fukushima (35 and 10 years ago, respectively).

As I said in the end of the episode - this was our honest try to cover some of the main topics of nuclear energy and hopefully bring a bit more of informed awareness about it.

As mentioned during the episode, we talk about the energy generation sources in the USA in 2020 (from the US Energy Information Administration) and the big gap we still have to cover for a "full renewable" society:

We also talk about how education/disinformation plays a role in a democreatic society, and shallow views/propaganda doesn't do any good for the full picture - Like in The Greenpeace advertisement below (I took from the great book Sustainability without the Hot Air):

And finally the portal where people are discussing and researching about the Generation IV Nuclear Reactors:

I hope you guys enjoy this episode and, like always, I am happy to receive critics, feedbacks, suggestions and etc.



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