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Episode 01 - Sustainability in today's world - Guest Frank Di Bella

First episode of the Entropy to Work podcast and we definitely started with the right foot.

Today I speak with Mr Frank Di Bella, a well seasoned mechanical engineer (in his own words "semi-retired") and currently a Senior Adjunct Instructor at Boston University.

As you will hear in this episode, Frank is such a fun, creative and smart guy to talk to. We talked about energy and energy trends; what happened in Texas and (possibly) some lessons for the future; and some thoughts of what we could do to help to solve this energy puzzle.

At the end we briefly touch a polemic subject about global warming, where Frank mentions a book's passage (1434 by Gavin Menzies) that describes "three exceptionally warm winters in 1420, which could have melted the Artic sea ice" (much before the Industrial Revolution). Definitely some food for thought. And Frank, being Frank, sent me an scan of the book (with his note).

I feel in this episode we barely scratched the surface of all the topics I wanted to cover with Frank (including his super cool bumper sticker that I had the honor to have one and put it in my former car, below), but definitely it was a great first episode for the podcast.

Frank's more official Bio, for the record:

Francis (Frank) Di Bella has worked on a variety of energy-related projects for both private companies and D.O.E. projects. Such projects ranged from the development of steam atmosphere and industrial dryers to Mechanical Vapor Recompression systems and Organic Rankine Cycle waste heat recovery systems.  In 2000, Frank left industry to teach full-time at Northeastern University’s Engineering Technology Dept., receiving the University-wide Teaching Award in 2002 and becoming the Director of ET in 2005. Frank joined Concepts NREC in 2008, where he stayed until he retired working on the development of energy-related systems, ranging from water wave energy systems to supercritical CO2 power generation and CO2 sequestration, to a variety of waste heat recovery systems. Frank continues to teach a variety of engineering courses in the evening.

That's it and I hope you enjoy it listening as much as I enjoyed talking to him !

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