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Episode 02 - Pump industry and the future - Guest Maria Elena Rodriguez Hernandez

Second episode of E2W and let's talk about pumps, industry and trends !

The response have be overwhelmingly positive (for the 3 people who actually listened to it) - Just kidding kidding !

The main comments were regarding Frank unique Boston accent and people asking me if I really have a tattoo for the second law of thermodynamics. I do folks, the Clausius inequality in differential form. But that’s some talk for another time.

Most of the audience seems to be watching this via YouTube, thank you ! But we are also in audio-only format on the main channels – Spotify, Google podcasts, Anchor, etc. Should I put somewhere else ? Something/somewhere I am missing here ?

Please feel free to send suggestions – either topics, people, someone who just defended their thesis, opening a company, someone you work with, or yourself ! Please don’t be shy and let’s catch up :) Some really interesting guest and topics already in the pipeline but I am absolutely looking forward to hearing more.

Also, happy woman’s day ! Specially of course to my beautiful wife who also happens to be an engineer. It is great to see so many strong and influential woman on the sciences and engineering, you really bring a lot to this industry. Personally I believe a big point really is awareness, little girls out there to see woman astronauts, engineers and scientists.

And, speaking of strong and influential woman in engineering; today I am speaking with Maria Elena Rodriguez Hernandez. Elena is an engineer from Spain with over 20 years of experience in the pump industry. She holds a Master degree in Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering degree. Currently Elena is Water Engineering Director at Indar. She writes the technical series Theory Bites in her own LinkedIN and for the magazine Empowering Pumps.

In our talk we discuss about Pump industry, challenges of designing modern pumps, control of flooding events, the challenges Elena sees for the future of cities and how to manage it and much more!

At some point we also talked about a big project she was involved some years ago in Lake Meads (Las Vegas, Nevada). Really interesting project and totally exemplifies some of her points about the scale of these pumps and the challenge for the design of the pump intake system.

There are some more information online in the Indar Website and others

We also about a very interesting interview she gave to the magazine Empowering pumps

I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did !

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