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Episode 03 - Space, propulsion, turbomachinery and 3D printing - Guest: Ryan Rollon

Third episode of E2W and let's talk about rockets and space !

The response have been overwhelmingly positive, thank you ! And please keep the feedbacks and suggestions coming !

I am adding a session after the episode, with some of my thoughts, housekeeping about the podcast and whatever pops up. Stay tuned for some extra explanations and other points.

Today we are up for a super exciting talk with Ryan Rollon about this new era of space exploration (often called New Space), turbomachinery, 3D printing and propulsion. Not only he shared a lot as he shows FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER their incredible OPTIMUS fully integrated powerhead for rocket engines - truly mind blowing.

Ryan has a solid background in turbomachinery (GE Aviation, Florida Turbines, Blue Origin, and Ursa Major) and now he is the CEO, Founder and Turbomachinery Lead at the startup Upshot Ventures !

Ryan is a super passionate and creative engineer, lots of knowledge there. I feel like my IQ went up by 10 points just by talking to him. I am sure we will be hearing a lot and great stuff about Upshot Ventures in the future !

After the episode I tried to explain a bit how the "usual" rocket engine systems work and how electric pumps are a huge area for improvement. Maybe I should create its own dedicated video for it ? Let me know your thoughts !

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